Monday, October 26, 2009

The Official Reopening of Blog (2)

There been also a drastic managerial change in the company since the new financial year. Several plants (also called asset) was reshuffled and new positions was introduced to cater a few micro-management system. Apparently, it was mentioned that the previous style of management was not “thorough” and several crossed and overlapping functional job scope was detected. There came BT a.k.a. Business Team, a concept where the people who operate the plant sitting together with the people who maintained the plant. A brilliant marriage of people and team members which will theoretically resolve most of the plant issues, recurring or emerging of course. The effectiveness of this system is not yet fully realized, maybe time will tell. Just wait and see when the system has matured.

Then came the new PPA (Personal Appraisal System) which impose a quota system for all ranking from top to bottom. I don’t have any problem with this quota system, but I really don’t like the way people manage the PPA system. I remember what TSP (Tan Sri President) mentioned during his Policy Address weeks back, “The system was perfect, but its the human factor which spoil the system”. Apparently, he was correct! Maybe he was not well informed the consequence of implementing the new quota system, but it does until this day has a very disastrous results.

Several people which I know work really well, has been given M3 (the lowest ranking of 3, which in lay man terms mean you basically don’t do your work). All of these M3 people were given CTO (Career Transition Option), where they will receive compensation (I was told that they will receive last paid salary x 1.5 x months or service) as well as a consulting service which they will find you a new job. Apparently, after kicking you out of guilt they still are willing to find you a new job.

Well, to add up this mess there’s this new policy related to marriage between staff. From what I understand, current residing staff cannot marry someone who will be joining the company. If they do, either one of the spouse has to quit from the company. Weird? Not according to TSP when he said that other global company has been practicing this for quite some time already. According to him, this will prevent COI (conflict of interest), nepotism and favoritism. I am not so sure where this will go, like above, just wait and see. 

Enough about work! I managed to get a week of holiday for Hari Raya in Sept 09. There was sad mood in the air because my Opah passed away the day before Hari Raya. So, my father went back to Kuala Kangsar immediately after hearing the news that my Opah lapsed into a coma. When he touched down at LCCT in the evening, my Opah already passed away. It was a sad Hari Raya for my dad, even after 5 days he went back to our hometown. The usual open house at night was done only for close friends and relatives. Even he was missing from our usual Hari Raya photo shoot. We pray that Opah will be placed amongst the righteous. Al-Fatihah…  


Selamat Hari Raya! (I’m the one who’s taking the picture)

To Be Continued…

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