Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Official Reopening of Blog @ 25 Oct 09

Dah lama rupa-rupa nya aku tinggalkan tempat ni. Bukan saja dah bersawang, tapi dah tumbuh kulat & lumut segala nya. Sejak akaun FB aku dah dibukak semula (that is after bukak akaun baru, then apparently akaun baru tu pun kena ban jugak, then reopen balik akaun lama), terasa pulak nak start balik blog ni eventho tak terasa sangat nak mengarang. Nevertheless, aku akan try sedaya-upaya untuk update anything relevant to my life, my thought and everything else.

Sorry, kalau blog ni keep on skipping between BM and BI. I articulate my thought better this way because most of the time I read a lot of English materials (including magazines and also from Wiki), but I still keep BM at my side. To tell you the truth, I typed English better than when I’m speaking them. You should listen to me when I’m presenting something or speaking about something in English. Utterly disaster! I’m have these tendency to skip between topics, mentioned big big words that sometimes are out of context or even I don’t know the meaning, blabbering and my weakness of all… stuttering! Yes… I am a stutter! I even stutter when I speak BM for goodness sake. I don’t know how to prevent them, so anyone of you have any ideas or solution, please advice me.

Things have changed a lot (physically and mentally) to me for the past 6 months since the start of the new company’s financial year. I was enlightened in Apr 09 of my health status during one of those HSE day, when I took those simple heath test where they measure your pulse rate, blood pressure, height and weight. The nurse told me that I was overweight! By how much? Exactly 10kg! OMG! I was shocked at first because apparently I have been neglecting my health and body since I finished University days (4 years previously), and my weight have been increasing since then. In Apr 09 I weighted 65kg, where I should be weighing between 55-57kg (ideal weight).

So, since Apr 09 I was on a fast track weight loss programmes (which I designed myself) so that I can reduce from 65kg to at least 57kg. These regimes involves extreme diet change (from high carbs to high fibers), controlled diet (from 5 meals a day to 2 meals a day), high cardio exercises (mostly jogging or running for 30-45 minutes or 6-8km) almost everyday and also simple workouts such as sit-ups, push-ups and others. Well, all these paid off when my weight starting to loose from 65kg to below 60kg in Jul 09. Then I kept on going until before Ramadhan my weight was already 57kg, within the ideal weight. The Ramadhan came and go although without any exercises (its tiring to jog in Ramadhan) I manage to reduce my weight some more to 55kg. Apparently, my weight keep on reducing until currently at 53kg. The only thing that I have to do now is maintain this weight, since I cannot grow in height anymore! Eating “Calci Yum” apparently doesn’t work for adults.

22092009527 Do I look stunning? (Hahaha!)

To Be Continued…

* Its going to rain soon (there’s thunder and lightning), so I better continue this some other time. There’s always black out when it rained here. Geez! *


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