Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The top 8 most addictive foods

by The Foxy Life by Elycia Rubin and Rita Mauceri

There are foods – and then there are addictions. There’s plain ol’ snacking and then there’s devouring. We all have weaknesses and days when something super sweet or superbly salty is all that will satisfy us. Here, our list of most nosh-worthy delights.  And yes, we realize we haven't included everything so feel free to share your faves -- pizza binges, diet soda splurges, and other irresistible treats and indulgences.

  • Dark Chocolate M&M's.  That’s right, we said DARK. Ever since M&M’s surfaced in this flavor, we’ve been in heaven. They’re teeny tiny – therefore easily downed by the handful -- and completely delicious -- a deadly combination. With these little suckers the trick is to avoid eating the entire bag (and we’re talking the 8 oz size here).
  • Guacamole.  Fresh ripe avocados take on an entirely new level of tastiness when mashed up with garlic, cilantro and tomatoes. Even non-avocado fans love this chunky stuff – spread it on bread, dip veggies in it, or just enjoy it straight up by the spoonful.  And we’re not sure why the chips and guac combo is so unstoppable, but there’s a reason restaurants serve them by the basket!
  • Popcorn.  Sure, microwave popcorn is addictive but that movie theater stuff is what sends us over the edge. It must be freshly popped to make the cut. Dousing it with hot, melted butter just ups the ante. Give us an XXL tub slathered with oozy butter (or butter-like) topping and we’re in heaven.
  • Rolos.  We try to be good and always make the mistake of thinking that popping a single one may do the trick of satisfying a sweet tooth. Not a chance. The caramel center is so perfectly chewy and delish that 5-10 seems to be the minimum requirement. We often place a dish of these on our coffee table when guests are coming over (because the little gold nuggets look so pretty) and they magically disappear -- within minutes.
  • French Fries.  An ill-tasting fry is hard to find, right? They’re also fun to eat. Everyone has their favorite method – traditionalists do straight ketchup, adventurers mix it up with ranch dressing or spicy mustard. For us, those time-tested buggers from McDonald’s still top our list. Full disclosure here: We kind of miss the Super Size. (For make-it-at-home goodness, devour a bag of Trader Joe's frozen sweet potato fries.)
  • PopChips.  Maybe they call them PopChips -- not because they’re really and truly popped -- but because you can’t stop popping them in your mouth. Light, crispy and woops…all gone! Better than full-fat greasy potato chips in our book – healthier and every bit as tasty.  We recommend the original flavor.  (An honorary mention to Kettle Sea Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper chips.)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Anything “bite size” is dangerous and one store-bought cookie is never ever enough. While we love homemade, we go ga-ga for Health Valley Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’re all natural and made with organic ingredients, so we don’t feel somewhat less guilty after polishing off one of those bags in less than thirty minutes.
  • Ice Cream.  The sweet and dreamy creamy texture makes most flavors irresistible, but Haagen-Dazs classics, Chocolate and Vanilla, take the crown. The chocolate is rich, rich and the vanilla tastes like true vanilla. (The strawberry, coffee, and dulce de leche are also insane!).

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