Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

That day finally arrived. 12th December 2014! The Desolation of Smaug is finally here! All this week has been an up-and-down ride for me emotionally as this is the most anticipated movie this year...

Though I has read the book as well as the graphic novel, nothing can beat a life-action movie with great actors and special-effects. Below are a few lists that I have concocted (in my mind of course) while I was watching the two and a half hours movie...

  1. The beginning was a bit slow, but thank God for Beorn! But I was a bit disappointed as his appearance was brief (very very). I hope to see more of his beary actions in the last installation of The Hobbit (spoiler: he'll be heavily involved in the final Battle of Five Armies)
  2. The Mirkwood scene was not really exciting which I think was due to most of the spider-dueling actions was in a dense forest rather than an open space (in comparison with Samwise vs. Shelob). The cut-scenes between the many dwarves were too quick/brief and most of them are close-shots. 
  3. The "aha" moment for the Ring of Power was when Bilbo killed a creature as he was trying to get back the ring that has slipped from his grip. That was the point where I believe Bilbo has started to be corrupted by the ring. Owh, I just noticed that the second part has the most Bilbo-wearing-the-ring-to-escape-from-harm scenes.
  4. Thranduil looked like a drag queen. That's all I can say...
  5. I believe that Elf should be fair, but Legolas' is too much (for a guy-Elf)...
  6. The barrel-riding scene I think was the most exciting one since part one! The Elves as usual over-do the fighting plus the funny part when Bombur rolled out from the river and crashed down the Orcs along the way, and managed to turn the barrel into an armour. Funny!
  7. The most defining moment was when The Necromancer revealed himself as Sauron. The image of black wisp changing into a wreath flames was stunning! And then when the image of Sauron finally appear, it turns into a silhouette which we know now as the Eye of Sauron. Amazing!  
  8. The dragon-chasing scene in Erebor was quite okay, but I think because of the talking-Smaug, the elements of greatness and magical of a dragon didn't do much good. It should be cut short especially the time where the dwarves labour themselves lighting the furnace, create bombs, and finally pouring the molten gold onto Smaug... to no avail it didn't work... What a waste of time!
That much I can share for now...

The closing line from Smaug...

"I am Fire. I am... Death!"



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