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Massage is a liberating exercise

Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability, promote relaxation and well-being, and as a recreational activity. (source: Wikipedia)

I find that massage is one of the activity that I like to do in my either 1) free time, 2) when I got extra money, 3) being in a stressful state, 4) body badly aching, or just simply 5) feeling like somebody's touching your body... in a good way that is!

My usual place would be Swasana Spas at Impiana KLCC Hotel, right-smack in the middle of the city centre opposite the new Grand Hyatt Hotel. The spa has been awarded and achieved the 5 Star standards by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia that valid throughout 2011 until 2014, and a member of Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa (MAWSPA) for the year 2012/2013 accorded with the Excellence Award under Best City Spa Category by Expatriate Lifestyle's Best of Malaysia 2012. There you go! Tho pricey, I believe they served the best spa/massage package ever. 

Well, what does massage has to do with "liberating" as mentioned in the title?

I would like to relate two of my personal experience with massage which I consider liberating...

Authentic Thai Massage

In early November, I went to Bangkok for the second time for a brief trip. To cut long story short, the second last day I went for a body massage at one of the tourist site i.e. Asiatique. There, I choose to have my first Thai massage and the masseur was a middle-aged lady looking very lanky yet so graceful and polite. Firstly, I had to change into a loose cotton short-sleeved shirt (I wonder why do I have to wear a shirt to be massaged... ermmm curious), and a very big-waisted loose pants (I also wonder how on earth do I want to tie-up this pants... geez!). But finally I figured out how, hoping that it won't untie itself during the massage (thank God it didn't happen).

The the massage begins... apparently it doesn't require any oil. Eureka moment came to me! Well, Thai massage only involves stretching your body and when I say stretching... to its limit of course. I skeptically thought this middle-aged lady looking very lanky will only deliver medium-to-low pressure massage but holy mother of God! I was overwhelmed and truthfully I didn't know that my body can be stretched this way. The liberating part is that this (please refer to picture below)

Imagine a lady with her smooth yet strong thigh between your crotch, and using her elbow pressing hard against your buttock (right in the middle ehem ehem part) and you know what pressing back against her thigh... yikes! In my mind there's only two thing 1) please end this quickly, and 2) please no no no no hard-on!

Well, the massage ended in a good way and both of us had a lot of laugh! Why? Apparently there was a lot of screams during the session and it fueled the masseur's laughter ha ha ha :)

Seven Chakras Manhood Treatment

Well, this second liberating massage I just experienced it today (approximately 8 hours ago). Out of curiosity plus maybe a trial in increasing manhood power (maybe I shouldn't elaborate this more...), I went to spa in Bukit Bintang area opposite Pavilion shopping mall. It was just a small, simple and well-managed spa with a mama-san boss and a few pinoy and local masseurs. First of all, let me clarify that this is a LEGAL spa and provide a totally proper and professional services. I choose a package and one of the items in there is "Seven Chakras Manhood Treatment". Aha! This is something new I want to try. Before the treatment begins, I need to sign an indemnity form. Ermmm curious, never had this one coming. So I skim through the paper... Ermmm 7th chakra... 7cm... anus... latex glove... prostate... urine... excrement... pre-cum... oh my! What am I getting myself into this time. Without wasting time, I signed and prepare myself for the massage...

First of all, below are the diagrams of all the seven chakras

As you can see from top, the first six chakras are located at somewhere reachable externally i.e. crown (head), brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, and spleen. However, the final seventh chakra is located internally (called root), at the base of the spine near the coccyx (tail) bone. And the only close enough organ to this point is the prostate.

The first six chakra massage was pretty much normal. Most of them are medium-to-soft kneading and pinching. But the thrill came when it's the turn for the seventh chakra. Firstly, the massuer will sit between your crotch and arrange your leg such that your feet lie flat down, with the knees perpendicular to the floor/your back. With oil (and latex glove), he will start massage the area between your thigh and your perineum (look this up/Google please!). The intensity increases and the massage area spread out to the scrotum, the head and shaft of your p***s (you can easily guess this). Then towards the final stage, he will 1) insert the thumb in your anus slowly, and several times 2) then poke his index finger (I think!) slowly, and methodically kneading and massaging the prostate several times. The stimulation from this massage either makes you "want to" not actually to 1) piss, 2) pass motion, and at some point 3) ejaculate... 

Well, the massage ended in a good way and both of us didn't even exchange a word during the 30 minutes ordeal! Strange but perhaps it's a man-to-man way of saying "this will be the secret within these 4 walls, the floor plus the ceiling... ha ha ha :)

Massage is a liberating exercise...

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  1. May I know where is the locations for seven chakras manhood treatment? I would like to get a try. Thanks