Thursday, May 5, 2011

Johann Sebastian Bach - Concerto for 4 Harpsichords in A Minor

We've seen a piano concerto before, but what about a concerto with 4 pianos in it. Amazing! Originally this piece was written by Bach for harpsichord, a predecessor of modern pianoforte. The concerto is divided into 3 movement; Allegro, Largo and finally Allegro.

For those who are not familiar with classical music, Allegro means fast, quickly and bright, while Largo means very slow. It basically describes the tempo of the concerto. I movement (Allegro) starts at 00:12 until 04:00, II movement (Largo) from 04:07 until 06:34, and briefly stopped for the final III movement (Allegro) from 06:35 until 09:38. Enjoy!

Open air concert is amazing!

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