Saturday, May 14, 2011

RAPID : Facts & Numbers

More info are pouring over the news and internet since its announcement yesterday by our PM. So, below are a few of them extracted from main stream media.

RAPID : Refinery And Petrochemical Integrated Development
(in Malay: Pembangunan Bersepadu Penapisan Minyak Dan Petrokimia)

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) : RM 60 billion (US$ 20 billion)

Location : Pangerang, Johor on a 1,000 hectares of land

Facilities & Capacity :

Crude oil refinery - 300,000 barrels/day (will add up to the current refining capacity from 635,300 barrels/day to 935,300 barrels/day)

Naphtha cracker - 3,000,000 tonnes of ethylene, propylene, C4's and C5's olefins

Petrochemical and polymer complex - unknown capacity (producing highly-specialised products from propylene and ethylene oxide derivatives)

LNG re-gassification and receiving terminal - potential

Other related infrastructure such as pipelines, tankages, logistics and warehouse facilities

Facts :

Exceeding the combined refining capacity of Melaka and Terengganu PETRONAS refineries

Exceeding the combined petrochemical production of Integrated Petrochemical Complex in Gebeng and Kerteh

4,000 job opportunities when RAPID is completed in 2016

20,000 job opportunities when RAPID is in construction between 2012 to 2016

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