Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let Us Not Forget About LYNAS

Well, RAPID seems to be the recent hot topic in my blog, but let us not forget our friend LYNAS. On 14 May, the news had officially announce that a review will be done by 9 experts appointed by IAEA. Who are they? Let us read some fact.

Dr. Tero Varjoranta (Leader) - Director of the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology, IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy

Dr. Magnus Vesterlind (Sweden) - Head of IAEA Waste and Environment Safety Section

Dr. Horst Monken Fernandes (Brazil) - Waste Technology Section Division of Nuclear Fuel Cell and Waste Management

Hanna Kajander (Finland) - Communications Specialist at IAEA

Jan van der Steen (Netherlands) - Experts on Radioactive Protection and Radioactive Waste Management

Dr. Leo M. Lowe (Canada) - Experts on Energy, Nuclear and Environmental Sciences

Dr P.M. Balagopala Pillai (India) - Info not available

Dr. Dennis Wymer (UK) - Experts on Nuclear Energy By-Product from Mining Industry

Ulric Schwela (Finland) - Experts on Tantalum - Niobium Mining

Hiroko Ratcliffe (Austria) - Administrative Assistant

With all these distinguish experts in their own special field, I hope that they'll do their best in the review from 29 May until 3 June, and finally provide the final say on LYNAS project, as well as stop the demonstrations once and for all.

God Speed!

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