Thursday, May 26, 2011

To Work Or Not To Work

Yesterday, was the day which I took a leave, went for a follow up session with Dr Zain a.k.a. Bone Doctor, settled bank matters as well as paying up bills. But, unknowingly yesterday was also a day where a shocking & outrageous "incident" had happened (in the company) which the details are best kept a secret at the moment. In a nutshell, if handled well with consultation & discussion, it shouldn't have happened at all.

So (just to lighten up the mood), I'm just gonna share a few thoughts from Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz, which were originally in Malay but I've translated it as well.

Rajin bercakap, rajin bekerja - Bagus Sekali
Talk more, work more - Excellent

Rajin bekerja, malas bercakap - Kena Buli
Work more, lazy talk - Being bullied

Malas bekerja, rajin bercakap - Wayang Cina
Lazy work, talk more - Drama

Malas bekerja, malas bercakap - Tak Guna
Lazy work, lazy talk - Useless

Malas bekerja, suka mengadu - Nyanyuk
Lazy work, praise more - Senile

Malas bekerja, selalu ponteng - Baik Berhenti
Lazy work, always absent - Better quit

Malas bekerja, suka menyibuk - Baik Mati
Lazy work, more "busy body" - Better die

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