Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Quite Happy Today

Minus the hectic stuff which is going on this week, plus the shutdown and other mumbo-jumbo, I'm quite happy today (although I was in the office for half a day) due to the following reason;

Had low-fat milk (just the milk) for breakfast, fish & chips for lunch, and Spicy Chicken McDeluxe for dinner cum supper (I've had enough of meaty burgers for this year). Eating reduced my stress but increased something else.

Done all my bills, credit card payment and other banking stuff today (its salary day today!). Planning to visit LHDN next week maybe to do my tax returns.

Picked up the pants and shirts at Summermens. They were gorgeous! The tailor was very helpful indeed, at the same time promoting his "batik" and "baju melayu" collection. Next time maybe a full suit yeah Mr Tailor.

Bought 6 DVDs today; Last Night, Morning Glory, No Strings Attached, How Do You Know, The Eagle and Bangkok Knockout. 4 of them are love and romance stories, the others are actions. Movie marathon tonight!


Last but not least...

Finally, LYNAS is in the front page! Congrats everyone for your effort. So, it's time to wait for the result from the so called "independent panel of international experts" to satisfy everyone's curiosity and "political motives". If they don't believe in AELB (Atomic Energy Licensing Board), should they reject IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)?

Let's wait and see...

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