Friday, April 8, 2011

Things That You...

... Should do this weekend
  • Shopping - I've seem many promotions, discounts and sales everywhere
  • Watch "Rio" - My friend told me that it's a great movie
  • Visit to the beach - The weather has been great lately
  • Do extra laundry - Besides the weather being great, my laundry hamper is almost to its brim
  • Do house-keeping - Spring cleaning time!

... Shouldn't do this weekend

  • Watch "Source Code" - Don't be fooled by the actor Jake Gyllenhaal, honestly the movie is bad!
  • Wonder around KLCC - Two nights of concerts starting today, sounds like an easy way to get trapped in a car pile-up
  • Visiting KL - Plus the F1 this weekend, the population will basically increases dramatically
  • Eat spinach - Although it provides you with iron, but it also gives you radioactive stuff
  • Eat eggs - Penangites reported that there's "fake eggs"
That's all...

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