Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thor... One Cool Movie...

I think "Thor" is among the best super-hero movie after Spider-Man and the legendary Superman. It's both mystical and full of great details in it. Among the things that I like are;
  • Great actors & actresses to begin with such as Natalie Portman & my all time favorite Anthony Hopkins as Odin All-Father. His voice certainly befitted the character.
  • From the beginning of the movie until the end, there was a lot of colorful and bright lights, and the realms were greatly differentiated with these hues of colors and shades e.g. Jotunheim (the world of the Frost Giant) was shown in blue-grey-white shades to signifies coldness and ever lasting winter.
  • Asgard was magnificent! I was amazed how the city was fitted with gold & silver furnishing from the building itself and also their costumes. The reflection from the light gave the city a very elegant and splendor look.
  • Besides Odin, I believe Heimdall was the second best super-hero & character in the movie (although there's very few lines). Seems that he has a very cool power of seeing & listening from distance far better than the rest, even Thor himself.
  • BiFrost was the most amazing travelling contraception that I ever seen, other than the Stargate. The spinning dome & the shooting rainbow lights were a breathtaking sight! On top of that, the feeling of flying in it and then landing with a loud boom is so cool.
Its a movie worth watching, not necessarily in 3D...


  1. haven't got the chance to watch it yet. friends say its good, though...


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