Friday, April 22, 2011

People Said The Darnest Things...

For the past few days, I've been hearing this...

"Thank you for shutting us down, for whatever reason..." (try saying this sarcastically)

"... shitdown..." (must be typo, since "u" is just beside "i")

"We've overlook on this matter..." (thanks for admitting)

"I think there's some miscommunication here..." (thanks again)

"There's no such thing as 'kot-kot'..." (in Malay, 'kot-kot' means, probably or maybe)

"Everything on schedule 'boh'..." ('boh' is a slang for 'boss' in the East Coast)

"First issue is canteen..." (always the first issue when this guy's turn is up)


That's all for this now, perhaps next week there'll be new quotes to share...

Another LYNAS blog is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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