Sunday, April 17, 2011

I told you so...

Last night was a very exciting night for the Sarawakian as Barisan Nasional once again was announced as the winner (by simple majority as well as 2/3 of majority) of the Sarawak State Assembly Election 2011. 55 seats! That was the final result, followed by the official CM Taib Mahmud swearing in ceremony on the same night. That was really quick I guess.

Several facts regarding the Sarawak State Assembly Election 2011
  • Voters turnout was 70%, the highest since 1991 (Historical highest was 80% in 1969)
  • Total number of registered voters are 979,796 based on 31 December electoral roll
  • Total number of candidates were 123, the highest ever in history since 1969 with highest ever Independent and women candidates of 41 and 16 respectively
  • Of the 71 seats, 27 had straight fights (1-on-1), 23 had 3-corner fights, 17 had 4-corner fights, 2 had 5-corner fights and 2 had 6-corner fights
  • Barisan Nasional contested in all 71 seats, but only won 55 giving them the 2/3 of majority
  • The losing seats were to DAP (Padungan, Pending, Kota Sentosa, Batu Kawah, Repok, Meradong, Bukit Assek, Dudong, Pelawan, Kidurong, Piasau and Pujut), PKR (Batu Lintang, Krian and Ba' Kelalan) and Independent (Pelagus)
  • The Opposition and Independent contested in 142 seats, but only won 16 of them
The only immediate change that we can see starting today is that news related to Sarawak will be lesser in the newspaper and also TVs...

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