Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top Five Moments

Well, everyone has their own up and down moments. The following are mine in a day (today) according to the sequence.

The "Good" Moments

Being told that LHDN e-Filing counter is open on weekends from 8am till 6pm. Let's do and submit our tax people! (2)

Salary day is in 3 days time. (3)

My best-friend passed his job interview and will start working on Monday. Alhamdulillah! (4)

Looking forward for tomorrow's site visit to Kemaman. (7)

Bought Java Chips from StarBucks, since my stomach is quite empty after barfing McD. (9)

The "Not So Good" Moments

Starting doing another people's job temporarily. I don't mind sending lots of SMSes every morning, but the way it was handed over matters. (1)

The "daging salai pedas" at Kedai Kak Noor today is tough and hard to chew! (5)

Unexpectedly being told to be involved in a work (not yet confirmed) without any prior notice and which will start tomorrow, or the day after. I hate last minute work! (6)

Being served medium-rare Quarter Pounder at McD Megamall. I barfed after that. Yuck! (8)

Summermens (tailor shop) is closed, so I couldn't pick up my pants and shirts. I should've called them first! (10)


Some "light" material reading, extracted from NST.

Rising Concern Over Suicides: Facts & Figures

113 cases: 2007
290 cases: 2008
328 cases: 2009

Chinese: 40%
Indian: 21%
Malay: 13%
East M'sia Bumiputera: 4%

82 male + 31 female: 2007
219 male + 71 female: 2008
244 male + 84 female: 2009

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem"
Phil Donahue

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