Monday, April 18, 2011

The First Three...

Shutdown In April

Lo and behold! Its that day again where hundreds of contractors, technicians and engineers convene to execute the long awaited plant shutdown. This time in April 2011 for 32 days product-to-product. Major work includes cold box replacement (its about time since the spare one has been sitting under the sun almost a year), heat exchangers repair and cleaning, LCP (don't know how to describe this thingy), and cooling water system flushing. There's a lot more I guess but those are the major ones. All that I can wish is for a safe, smooth and flawless shutdown, mechanical days and start up. I'm not involved in any activities this year (only some minor planning work), though I've been a member of the QAQC group for several time since 2007. Need some time off I guess, giving ways for new blood. Flawless Execution!

Pain In The Leg

The last time I went for a follow up with Dr. Zainuddin (the bone doctor a.k.a. orthopedic) was in December 2010. The final MRI (the one that I need to lie down motionless for a freaking one hour!) shows that basically there's no serious problem with my lower backbone (lumbar). His advice was just to do light work, less workout e.g. running or jogging, and finish up the meds. The pain went off couple of weeks later and the pain totally were gone somewhere in February 2011, so I thought. Couple of weeks back, the pain is back gradually from the lower backbone and creeping its way down to my hip and right leg. Did I do something different now? I don't think so. Maybe its time for me to meet Dr. Zain again, and that lovely nurse of his.

Concert In May

Finally, after so many years I'm back attending the MPO concerts starting with the first show on 21 May 2011 titled "Baroque Bon-Bons". It got nothing to do with poco-poco yeah! There's gonna be pieces from Corelli, Pachelbel, Albinoni and my favorite Handel. Most importantly there's gonna be a soprano (Elin Manahan Thomas) singing arias by Handel one of which the magnificent and enthralling "Ombra Mai Fu" from the opera Xerxes. A concert worth waiting for! (Just hoping that there's no last minute work stuff)

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