Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Precious

"My preciousssssssss...." that's what Smeagol said to the one ring of power in his possession. Well, everbody has their own precious one, not the person but of the material. It is common that prople cling to their belonging and with all their heart and life guard them from being taken away or stolen. For me, I also have my own "Precious"...

  1. My first and foremost is my 13" MacBook Pro which I purchased in August 2010. Its shy of another 4 months for its 1 year birthday. The thought of having a MacBook has been in my mind for the past couple of years when my old laptop (during my UTP days) is ceased from working maybe due to "old age", os simply because I refuse to repair it as many of the parts already obsolete! But an investment in a MacBook is the only one that guarantees your money back simply because it is sturdy, stable in terms of software and hardware, elegant and price-wise is affordable.
  2. Second is my handphone/mobile phone/pocket PC or whatever people called it. As of today, I'm using HTC Desire HD equipped with Android 2.2.1 OS. Previously I've been changing my phone from HTC HD7 (Windows Mobile 7), and before that Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.1). People had been asking me why do I need to change my phone regularly? Well, simply because I want to keep up with the technology the same reason why I'm using MacBook.
  3. Third is my watch. Although you can basically keep track of the time using your phone, I still prefer to use the old method of time keeping by wearing a watch, and I mean mechanical watch not the digital one. Not to upset those who like G-Shock, but I despise digital watch as it lacks "life" and movement (the terms that they use for timepieces). My current watch is Fossil with hour/minute/second dials, day/month dial, moon phase dial and my favorite one is the visible escapement mechanism and the mainspring.
  4. Fourth is my wallet, simply because your whole life depends on it. You store your identity and money inside your wallet and carries it everywhere you go. People has certain preference on wallet, but I prefer the usual clasp-strap wallet where it can secure your wallet firmly and making sure that I never opens unnecessarily when you take it out.
Well, I have four at the moment and perhaps I'll continue again in the next blog.

"Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures, but in the use made of them"
Napoleon Bonaparte

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