Thursday, April 28, 2011

Melanau Language 101

I spent around 1 hour opening all folders, files and boxes looking for all the bills, statements and receipts for the tax returns. Well, all the sweat paid off actually because I found all of them! Thanks to the extra premium that I paid for my medical benefit (I enrolled into 3 different insurance), the MacBook Pro that I bought last year, the newly introduced broadband internet subscription fee deductibles and the increase from RM 8000 to RM 9000 for personal relief, I ended up overpaying my tax by approximately RM 1560! Horee! Gimme back my money!

Enough about money and all, its time for Melanau Language 101. I'm gonna share several phrases and sentences that we always use in our life as an example which will be presented in 3 parts; English Language, the colloquial Malay Language and last but not least Melanau Language.

What are you looking for? | Tengah cari apa tu? | Inau kan pitau dun?

I'm looking for salt | Tengah cari garam | Kou pitau siah

What for? | Untuk apa? | Bak nau?

I'm cooking fried rice for dinner later | Nak masak nasik goreng untuk makan tengah hari nanti | Kou bak pisam asek aghok bak keman aluk

Don't forget to add a bit of chicken and egg as well | Jangan lupa tambah ayam dengan telur sikit | Nak liluk siau ngah telui jumek

No problem! | Takde masalah! | Mai hal!

Later I'll help you with the plates and spoons on the table | Nanti aku tolong siapkan pinggan dengan sudu atas meja | Aluk kou kak jalok ngah sudip amuh mija

That's all for today.

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